Yumemi Hirugao, Shu Jigsaw Puzzle


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A colourful illustration from the popular artist Shu Mizoguchi, who uses digital painting to create his fascinating and magical worlds. ‘Yumemi Hirugao’ is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that is a pleasure and a challenge to assemble and would make a perfect gift for a fantasy art lover, fan of the artist or anyone who enjoys recreating lovely images with a romantic theme. The image features a young princess asleep in chariot. She dreams that she is in a lovely garden with her head resting on a smooth slab of rock. Around her many white flowers bloom in the green grass. A prince riding a white horse approaches from the distance, his light purple cape undulating in the wind. The pink chariot is placed at the edge of a lilac sea and the pink sky is full of small stars. With some intriguing parts to assemble, in the uniform shades of the background, this puzzle is fascinating to complete. Dimensions: 68 x 48cm Number of Pieces: 1000